One miserable Saturday, Charlie and Harri found themselves sat in pyjamas on the sofa at  3pm, watching a film so bad it made Harri’s eyes bleed*. With one of the world’s greatest cities on their door step, they realised something had to change.

Every Friday evening north Londoners Harri and Charlie vowed to ‘do something’ that weekend…and pretty much never did anything at all. Partly because they were broke and partly because sometimes it’s just easier to avoid the tube, the tourists and stay and home and watch How I Met Your Mother.

Harri and Charlie set up this blog for cash-strapped Londoners who spend most of their weekends in their living room…and feel guilty about it. Every weekend, they get out of their pyjamas, step out of the house to go and review the brilliant/odd/wonderful/weird but most importantly free stuff on offer in the capital. They (secretly) hope that you’ll be inspired to do the same. If you’ve got any bright ideas about where Harri and Charlie should head next, let them know.

About the authors

24 year old Harri works for digital agency Media Ingenuity as an online community manager and content kinda gal. 26 year old Charlie is a data whiz. He’s currently works at Graze, where he uses his magical excel skills to help send folks snacks in the post. Harri met Charlie during her masters at Southampton University, where he mistook her for an eighteen year old and she mistook him for a moron. They soon realised the error of their ways. Harri moved to London and a burgeoning romance unfolded, thanks in no small part to the Number 29 bus to Wood Green. They now live together in deepest, darkest North London.

*Chalet Girl. Apologies if it’s your favourite film. Charlie secretly liked it too (largely thanks to the hot blonde).


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